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Thursday, June 26, 2008


25th June 2008

It's sale season!!
Well, every year there's a sale season...and of coz this year, summer sales is arriving!! As usual, today is my day off....straight to the High Street, and browsing for some cheap & nice stuffs... Today result, not i able to grab quite nice stuffs....

I just bought a kitten heel shoes from indie and emo retro shoes...Topshop has great sales...and tomollow there's a function in topshop - "Topswop" (swap clothes between each others)..i already register for it...wish i could grab some nice clothes that time!!!

My new kitten heel shoes....

And i din realise that Clinique bonus time is still running! I thought it was finish last month...but this month started again...i miss the last month bonus time...but lucky i miss it!! Coz i realise this time bonus time is the gift are more luxurious!!! Haha...^o^ I bought two items and get the free gift...

The gift including...
1) Deep comfort body butter - 40ml
2) Moisture surge extra thirsty skin relief - 30ml
3) Take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips - 50ml
4) Rinse-off foaming cleanser - 75ml
5) Sparkle skin body exfoliating cream -75ml
6) Travel bag

As a result, my collection of Clinique products....and sumore some haven't open and used yet...(maybe sell it back later...^o^)

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