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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

London Marathon

13th April 2008

London Marathon block my way!!
Is a sunday morning....i heard some voice coming from a like a musical show!! I wondering why so early in the morning, there's a musical live show outside?? Sumore, there was people screaming and shouting!! I dun care so much, kept sleeping....

Around 10am, i wake up..and prepare everything back to Lincoln....i was thinking of taking bus or walking to the tube station...finally......i decide to take bus...

However, so bad......there was no bus!!! Is LONDON MARATHON....i forget about Marathon today and there was no bus..and i need to walk to the tube station...normally around 15 walk i will arrived, but today...all the road was closed...and i need to walk a big round, almost half an hour, finally i was so so tired!!!

London Marathon 2008, was held today and i'm not sure where is the final was quite fun seeing everyone carrying different hope and running for something valuable, such as charity or donation for someone who need it....seeing them running so hard, it really i wish i could join it before it too late...haha...^o^

*London Marathon 2008*

*Everyone wearing different clothes, and some wearing some kind of funny this oldman - superman!!*


Darus said...

I got an year run with a white T-shirt with the words "Visit Elice Cafe"

haha..your blog hits will hit the roof!! : )

eliCe said...

Oh, what a good idea? But so bad, i dun think i will be in london next year...hmm...too bad...

大 乱 交スマッシュブ ラジャーズ said...

ちょww 普通のロー○。ンをあんな風に使うなんてどういうテクしてんだよww

Darus said...

yeah : (
when will you be graduating and returning to Malaysia? I might be heading off to China soon

ヒットエンドぴゅっ! said...