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Thursday, March 13, 2008


12th March 2008

My ice cream parlour...... Can I ?

Mango favourite ice cream flavour!!!! In such a hot country like malaysia, ice cream sure can sell alot, don't you agree? Wondering if i'm able to open a ice cream cafe in malaysia...erm...with the name "TOUCH".....but not NOW ok....where got so much money leh!!

In Lincoln here, there's an ice cream cafe which is located up the hill...most of the ice cream sell is homemade....and there's a variety of choices and some of it quite special homemade, such as coffee, amareto, toffee, coconut, vanilla choco, mango sorbet, rasperry, grapefruit, banana, chocolate mint, rum & raisin, etc....and all of it can be described as YUMMY!! Beside that, there's a cafe shop and sit at the lower ground of the shop, where customers can have a tea or coffee, while enjoying some homemade cakes and biscuit really fantastic place which i have been.....

Have you ever thought if this cafe was open in malaysia, did it work? Erm...anyway, is just my dream cafe at the moment...^o^

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