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Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year Resolution

1st January 2008


Finally...grab my pen and write down my new year wishes!!.. New year, new wishes, new dream, ...everything is new!!

Anyway, is my time to start my new year resolution. How about u all??

Let's start now...

1) Get more sleep!!! I wan more sleeppppppppp!!!!!! Everyday sleep at 3am and wake up at 10am...omg...i wan to sleep sumore!!

2) Earn up to a must do...from now onward must save a lot...(MUST reach my target before reach 25 years old!!)

3) Changing my skin to a toner and fairer skin....change attitude...such as become more mature, rasional and learn to be independent! ( I dun want to rely on anyone else) Learn to be myself!!

4) Get myself a brand new digital camera....perhaps a digital SLR camera if possible...^o^

5) A visit to Barcelona or Milan by mid of the year!! My dream summer holiday!!!

6) Own a car....Honda or Kelisa if possible!! Is a must reach goal by this year!! Gambatte Elice!!!

7) Career improvement -- Own a ice cream/desser bar or involved myself in $$$ investment!!!

8) Wishing upon the star - Best wishes for my family...great improvement in $$$ and health as well...

9) Get myself a gift - Miriam Yeung purple record album!! (Can't find it till now!!)

10) FInally, wishing for a miracle..what miracle? (Secret...不能说的秘密

Dun ask bout bf pls...I haven't decide to find a boyfriend at the moment....why? Again, 不能说的秘密...^o^

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