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Monday, October 29, 2007

What comes around, goes around...

28th October 2007

Round, round, round...what comes around, goes around...

It's coming to the end of october again...still remember, last year, in the same day, i'm in a decision making process thinking of my future....ermmmm...wondering what the hell i'm talking?? It's about whether to change job or stay in the same restaurant...

Last year, today, i received a phone from my friend asking whether i wanna change job or not..he say there's a job near somewhere in nottingham..looking for waitress..with high salary plus tips...after counting and counting...i wonder, if i change, i will get 100 more pound than working in here....therefore, i call up the manager in the new restaurant and asking more in details...after i have a conversation with the manager, i ask my friends opinion..and finally make a clever decision!!!

Today, i was working in this restaurant...some asking whether i regret or not....i have nothing to say...and all i can say is...i have do my best and i have no regret...Moving to this place have change me a lot...normal from inner or to outside...i notice there;s really a lot of change to me....i can't say what i have change..but maybe someone next to me can notice my family and frens, i'm still ur good daughter, good sister and good friends!! I did nothing wrong, no smoking, no drinking, no killing and nothing i do is against the law!!! Haha...^o^...miss u all so much!!!

Decision is something that really difficult to decide...(as ppl always say, easy to say, but really difficult to do it...) haih....i'm now really in this difficult decision making matter in work, love or my future...too many things something comes together, can really make me fainted!!!

I think i really need some break!!! Give me a break...give love a break!!!

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