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Thursday, June 21, 2007

UK Nando's

7th June 2007

Lunch at Nando's

UK Nando's? Any differents? Honestly i doesn't really like to eat Nando when i was in Malaysia...for me Nando is almost same with Ayamas or even KFC...Therefore when i was in Malaysia, i seldom went to Nando's, therefore when i coming here, i aslo resist to go Nando's. However, today, my off day, my boss say treat me lunch, and the venue chosen was Nando's. I was so suprise -Nando? He told me that Nando's here is different from Malaysia....and ask me to there is not much restaurant near there, so i try it....After a try, it was really a big different....wat the different?

1) Nando's here is self service - the plate and culter
2) Drinks such as tap water and soft drinks - can add again...
3) The food is egg tart here!!! and some other oods...
4) There is more various kind of sauce - from non spicy to superb spicy...
See some of picture...

*Nando's menu..*

*Various kind of foods!!!*


*My drink...fanta*
*Egg tart*

*Lunch for two much!!!*

*Whole chicken with two large side dishes*

*My chicken...*

*So full...but still got many foods left...*
Nice food...will try it again...

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