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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fried Ice Cream

15th June 2007

A visit to Harbour City ....
Harbour City is an oriental chinese restaurant at Burton Walter. Anyway, actually H.City is just another ala carte restaurant that owned by my restaurant manager. It is a asian food restaurant, and the foods is quiet nice. However, it quite far from where i live, and that restaurant located in where all the rich peoples live in. All those shops in Burton Walter is also quite expensive.

That day, my manager ask me to go to H. City to have lunch. Therefore, i ask one of my fren, Oscar to have a visit to that restaurant since he never try the food at there.
*View from where we seated...*
Once we arrived, we quickly ran to the kitchen and find out what can eat...haha...unfortunately all the chef is on break time. What can we do? Cook by ourself....I make the dessert, and main dishes is prepared by our manager...^o^...even there's no chef, but we still can have our lunch!!

*The dessert that i prepared!! Strawberry with rasperry and chocolate sauce...yummy!!*

*Jellyfish with chili our lou sai!!*

What is so special on that day? What is my favourite food here? The answer is - Fried Icecream, really unforgetable food in my mind so tasty!!! Yummy yummy fried icecream....wonder who did it since all the chef on break?? by Cynthia...who is she? Wonder how she can do it and so tasty? She is our Laughing buddha, Malaysian chef wife, but work in H.City as server....she is a nice lady and very cute as well!!! Thanks cynthia for this ice cream!!!
*Fried ice cream..*

*Take a closer look....Yummy yummy my fried ice cream!!*

*Look what is cream!!*

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