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Monday, November 06, 2006

-Break Up- Story...

5th November 2006

Time began to pass...there was a new born longer carry the past to the i always believe time will help me forget the past..

I wonder myself began to change day by much i have changed..i dunno...there's no way for me to calculate..besides, i wonder myself no longer carry the memories of the past to my life now or to the future...i started to forget every little things...

From summer to autumn to winter...time past so your eyes, you will feel the matter the environment, the weather or even the people around, you can feel it...As time goes on...I realise my heart began to recover...the door to my heart began to close day by one else will step into it...everything just depends on fate..

What is break up story? A story between two person who broke up...but did anyone know what is the story behind? What did they heart wanna tell us?

For me is just like what is written in the lyrics below...a wonderful song from HowL...close your eyes and listen to it...

Aeng Mu Sae...앵무새 (〈궁〉삽입곡 )

또 어제저럼 다시 그립습니다
像昨天一样 又在想念你
보고 싶은 말 줄지도 않는지
자꾸만 그대가 떠오릅니다

받은 것만 있어서 내겐 후희뿐인데
只收到你的关怀 却是让我最为后悔
준 게 없는 날 그댄 또 잊을까 겁이나
没给你更多爱 生怕你会遗忘这样的我

사랑합니다 난 난 사랑합니다
爱你 我 我爱你
그대에게 배운 많고 많은 말들 중에
이 말 하나 입버릇처럼 나
중얼거린니다 흔자 바보처럼
回荡在我的嘴边 自言自语像个傻瓜

미안합니다 참 참 미안합니다
对不起 真的对不起
뒤늦은 이 말까지 미안하지만
염히없이 그댈 기다립니다
행여 내일은 돌아올까

그대란 새장이 비좁긴 했어도
좋았 습니다 행복했습니다
我仍然高兴 依旧幸福
이별을 물랐던 영윈을 믿었던 그 날로 나 꿈에라도
坚信会有没有离别永恒的那天 即使在梦中

Still remember, inside Korean drama "Goong"... Shin has told Chae Gyeong that "star has their life limit too, which is 2500 years", while "human is aslo the same...2500 years"...therefore, each of us will meet again in 2500 years later...and hence, i started to rethink and rethink again... i realise that i still hope to meet him again after 2500 years...and i hope i can meet him earlier than anyone...because i wish to try my best to build a bridge of chance for my love..


mars said...

aiseh.....act like sentimental ppl...'ngai sut' .... cepat cepat jagi gemuk in UK..winter lagi makan banyak..hohoho

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