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Friday, August 25, 2006

*Stupid people do stupid things*

24th August 2006

Genting *who's the stupid idiot done this stupid things!!!*

Once in year...waiting for Twins coming to Malaysia for concert...and this year finally they came...unfortunately, i unable to attend....>_<; ...and this time probably is 'once in a lifetime' they came....if i am Twins...i think i will think twice whether come or not for concert...due to those stupid people who do stupid things...why? Every newspaper today's come out with the same big headline "Twins阿嬌被偷拍" Well...anyone who saw this news, even myself...are getting shock and angry when know bout it...i think tis really 'overboard'....where is the journalist professional ethics?? Especially the HK magazine <<壹本便利>> come out with this cover....

*Photos Of Gillian Chung Changing Clothes Published*

EEG's executive, Mani Fok says that "whenever Twins leave HK to work and live in hotels, they are aware that reporters may be there to dig through their trash, so they even pick up their own trash and take it with them."

Two nights ago, Mani received the information that reporters had taken photos of Gillian Chung changing. When she told this information to Gillian, Mani was actually confident that it was impossible because the room provided for changing is supposed to completely closed. Being in GuangZhou filming 'Let's Steal Together', Gillian immediately started crying when seeing the photos. She's afraid that the clip will be posted online because she had nothing on when changing, so she's very worried. Mani expressed that she will get legal advice from lawyers and see if it's necessary to call the police in Malaysia. As for Hong Kong, she will definitely send out a legal warning to the tabloid magazine. Mani also hopes that the public will look at this issue seriously because it could really cause a negative impact on the psychological part of an artiste's life.

Towards the issue of Gillian being filmed of changing, EEG gave a serious claim that they are extremely angry with this way of non-permitted filming because ever since this report came out, it has caused great disturbance and pain to Gillian and her family. They expressed that they encourage for the media to be aware of an artiste's dignity when given the freedom of reporting. Each person should be stopping these unfair, illegal, and negative actions. EEG is asking for legal advice of HK and Malaysia and is going to take legal actions. (genting in trouble??)

*Gillian cry when the reporter questioning her bout the case..*


Is this the one we called "professional ethics of journalism?"...They are going overboard!!! This is not the first time, even last time when Kenny (singer under the same company with Twins) filmed secretly in Malaysia by the media, he was in the gym of the hotel working out, and the magazine reporting him as 'erecting'. It made Kenny extremely embarassed!! (poor Kenny..>_<;) Again...this is the stupid job of those stupid journalist!! For this current case, it's definitely against morality...I think this isn't an artiste's fault, it's the society's fault. It's definitely is the 'idiot' who took this picture...wonder what come to 'his' mind when doing this stupid things...besides, i think some of the media has broken that promise of trust. Posting these photos are even worse than any others...(they have broke the rules - informed consent) Anyhow, they have brain, they can think...but they dun wan to use it...somehow, they should know the important to respect a artiste's privacy or even anyone.... In Twins forum website, their fans are strongly angry with this....As the reporting of taking photos while changing came out, it leds to a great objection of the fans. There is a online petition for anyone who have the same feeling to sign the petition to show support to Twins ..
=Sign Petition=

It had been started by Gillian's fans; it's not of a fan club's name, but it is internationally collecting Gillian's fans and other citizens signatures....

Comment are welcome....

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*credit to HK Twins Forum - Sparkling Tearz*


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О! Qu'est-ce qu'un post-Nice. J'aime beaucoup la lecture de ces types ou des articles. Je peux t attendre de voir ce que les autres ont à dire.

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This was really interesting. I loved reading it.