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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fairy Tale

Every night also seem cannot sleep...maybe too much things to as well...same eye still open and seem cannot get to sleep...

Dunno wat to write today....After sit here for almost half an hour and think...i decided what to write...beside from sharing my life story...wanna share wit u all some japanese fairy tale that i heard and read before....Maybe some of you also might heard it before...anyway...i like to read japanese fairy tale story...therefore hope to share with all my friends as well...Every week i will upload one fairy tale story...hope everyone will like it... start with "The Razor Faced Man"

It is said that a woman's future husband will be reflected in the water of a washbowl if she holds a razor in her mouth at 12:00 midnight. One girl heard this story and decided to try it. The girl put a razor in her mouth at midnight and looked into the water of a washbowl. The next moment, she saw the reflection of a man. The girl was surprised and said, "Oh!" The razor fell out of her mouth and into the water. The water seemed to turn red, then went back to clear.

Ten years later, the girl met a man. They fell in love at first sight and later got married. But the man always hid the left side of his face behind his hair. The girl said to him one day, "Show me your whole face!" The man told her that his face had been damaged by someone with a razor a long time ago.

"How horrible! Who was it?" she asked.
"It was you!" he said.


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