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Thursday, May 25, 2006

2nd Fairy Tale~

As i has promise, everyweek will update one fairy tale story....and this week fairy tale title is "The Red Vest". The story is a bit....i dunno it is true or false....juz read it from internet story book...the story is very short onli...

The Red Vest
By Mami

This story is said to have happened at a school in Japan. A boy went to the toilet after school. When he went in, he heard someone's voice. The voice said, "Would you like a red vest? Would you like a red vest?"

The boy was scared. He said, "Yes, I want a red vest! I really want one!"
The moment he said that, he was killed. His body was dyed red with blood so it looked as if he was wearing a red vest.

I heard that the ghost will appear in front of those people who listen to this story! So be careful when you go to the toilet...

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