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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Congratulations...在中... sing for『百万長者の初恋』主題曲歌う!!!

Milllionaire first love (百万長者の初恋), original soundtrack have decided to let Hero, Jae Joong (DBSG main vocalist) to sing!!! Another song for this movies called "one" is also sang by DBSG....
This movie is act by hyun bin ... and it's goin to be released on 9 february.... (DBSG concert is on 10th...^o^). Millionaire's First Love, has been popular as it is directed by the director of 'Lovers in Paris', screenwriter of 'Romance of Their Own', and with the themesong, One, sung by popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki.


In Millionaire's First Love, it talks about Hyun Bin wanting to continue inheriting his grandfather's property and money. He is forced by his family to go to a village university and has developed an affection with village girl Li Yin Hei. To match his millionaire's style, the director had prepared 10 pieces of expensive outfits for him. Hyun Bin joked that being able to try on such expensive clothings, makes him wants to crave for one. In the movie, he will have a fight scene with 17 people, like the big student fight in 'Romance on Their Own'.

*Right- Hero Jae Joong (main vocalist of DBSG, kawaii ne)*
*東方神起 ☆ HEROジェジュン、「ミリオネアの初恋」主題曲を歌う♪ *
This is quiet a nice movie.... I have saw the movie preview and mv...look nice!!!

*Millionaire First Love mV*