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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

SE7EN 1st Album 特典 release!!

SE7EN...1st Album 特典 & 「Nice & Slow」

SE7ENたんの公式サイトの「MOVIE LIBRARY」が更新されましたね♪マネージャーさんとのビリヤード対決…!

Se7en present Japanese board single 3 tunes, the long-awaited album by all Japanese musics release! ... the long-awaited Japanese debut album finally appearance! ! ! (かわいい人) The capability group solo artist who represents Korea and can sing & dance....This album have three free gift include:-

* Jacket (3 versions)
* Selection post card
* A Special Prize ~ "SE7EN! Concert backstage invitation! "
Present(The concert ticket of the below-mentioned performance only the one which is having application becomes possible. )
*B prize handwriting sign it enters, "the SE7EN regular use GOODS" present

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