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Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Celebration!

Happy New Year!!! Hope this year can bring a memorable and happy memory to each of us....

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!

Saturday, 31st December 2005

Today was the last day of year 2005...everyone sure has things to do in year 2005...therefore whatever haven done yet...must quickly do it today!! My frens has planned for today celebration...but i feel it nothing different from last year...even last last year!! Every year is the same....therefore there is nothing special too!! What do u think, frens?

In the evening, around 4+ pm ...i arrive at Sungai Wang...wah!! Really a lot of ppls..especially if you getting there by monorail!! Really full house!! Then my fren, Sun called me to meet at Times Square front door...we have planned to watch the movie i have waited for so long -- "A Chinese Tall Story" -- this movie act by all my fav idol..such as Nic, Ah Sa, Chen Po Lin, and Kenny...we watch at 4.50pm...first..we have promise four of group of frens to watch...but later my suprise only left two of us to watch... one is hometown got proble...another one ffk....really upset..coz the promise was broken!! But lucky, later Yee Mee and her sister accompany me n sun to watch as well!! ^o^...

the movie starting is quite nice...frens...very funny... the first words coming out from my mouth was when watching the movie is--- "wah...hou ying ar!! Nic and Chen Po Lin そうハンサム"... ^o^ and Kenny is even more the character he act as...erm... the movie was really funny...but i think too many computer technology used and unbelievable things in dat movie!! >_<

After watch the movie...actually have plan to eat chicken buffet at Times frens told me that the buffet is today is last day of 2005....therefore, we plan to eat a lot and enjoy! However later has change to KFC...coz my frens say outside is raining and they can't go to times square here....and they say dun wan eat that buffet liao!! Another promise is broken here!! >_<; Later me and to sungai it is raining outside...lucky our clothes not really wet too much!! KFC was our dinner at last!!! Frens... 実際に, 私は食べるKFC を好まない !! But long as everyone happy with it and all of us sit together to eat!!

Later Grace come and join us...and now we change our destination...accompany Grace to go for dinner...the place choosen was "Madam Wong'...yeah...i like this it foods really ichiban!! ^o^ At around 9+pm..we went outside and join another group of frens..Wei Keong and Doremon!! and later meet Pek Khee....standing there wait until 12am..really a very unforgettable time...coz really a lot of ppl..and very hot!!! Feeling like "babo" standing there!!

Everyone was happy with...even some of them singing or shouting!! However i was not as happy as i think...coz something had happen...make me really feel moody!! Too many promise has broken...and another problem is my family...juz feel sad to talk bout it....really sorry my frens..유감스러운....if i have my mood have influence you all...anyway really thanks to u all!! Kam-sa-ham-nida!!! New Year should have new year wish....for me...too much things for me to throw rubbish!! All want to throw away from my mind....hope this year have more happy memories in my mind rather than last year....wish everyone is same too!!!

Happy 2006....and my dear frens...wish everyone good luck...and together FIGHTING no matter wherever we are and whatever we do......


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