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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My FaV egg TarT!!

Introducing my fav egg it is!!!

Wonder where it from? It is Sentul egg tart...not dat kind of famous tart like "Chef Loong or Fung Wong" is from a morning market near my house there!!! It only sells RM0.85...every tuesday, thursday and saturday onli!! Therefore, onli can eat at those day!! Really yummy...n totally different from those famous egg tart!!!

......[[*e.L.i.C.e*]].........[[*LiFe ShoULd Be BeauTifuL, 美しい人*]]......


alex said...

Hmm, see la one day you come to ss2 again, and i treat chef long egg tart ^_^. The last time no chance, next time sure got chance! Haha :)

Anonymous said...

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