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Friday, November 04, 2005

Movies in Cinema!!!

Coming Soon movies in Cinema....there are lot of movies coming soon...n some of that i have waited for so long oledi...some of them are horror, some are funny...and some are sad....

The movies that i want to watch....


Starring - -Tom Wilkinson, Laura Linney, Colm Feore, Jennifer Carpenter.
Type -- Horror
Release date -- 10 November 2005 (GSC)
Official Website --


Erin Bruner (Laura Linney) is a bitter, repressed and lonely lawyer takes on both the church and the state in a highly publicized and controversial case based upon a true story. Bruner fights for the life of a priest (Father Moore) on trial for performing an exorcism on young Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter).

**Credit -- GSC Online**

For me, when i watch the trailer in Tv..look quiet scary...but dunno yet really scary o not...
Movie expected --> 3 1/2 stars ( 5 full)


Starring -- Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, Shawn Yue, Vanness Wu, Andy On, Michael Biehn, Maggie Q.
Type -- Action
Release Date -- 10 November 2005
Official Website --


A group of youthful Interpol agents travel to Hong Kong to give evidence at the trial of a notorious crime lord, 'Puma' Duen. When Puma is busted loose en route to court, the Interpol team decides to track him down. To do so, they must enlist the aid of the veteran Hong Kong cop Kong Long (Sammo Hung) to help them investigate Puma's brother, 'Tiger' Duen. Puma has been captured by a team of master criminals, each with their own score to settle with the Duen brothers. The young Interpol team and Kong Long face their greatest challenge as they bring justice to the mean streets of Hong Kong…

**Credits -- GSC Online**

Wah...tis movie got must supportlar...i watch the preview in cinema...n find this movie quiet interesting....and this is action sure not bad!!
Movie expected --> 4 star


Starring -- Sung Hyun-ah, Park Da-ahn
Type -- Horror
Release Date -- 17 November 2005

Former professional cellist, Mi-Ju, is a happy and contented housewife. She gave up her promising career for her husband, Jun-Ki, and her two lovely daughters, Yoon-Jin, a nine-year-old hypochondriac and autistic patient, and Yoon-Hye an eight-year old who’s mature beyond her years because of her sister’s condition. But one day, Mi-Ju's entire family is murdered and she is the only survivor. Having too much fear from witnessing all the tragic killings, Mi-Ju falls into a state of coma. When she awakes, Mi-Ju finds she is haunted by eerie visions of the brutal murders accompanied by cello music.

**Credits -- GSC Online**

This is a korean horror movies...heard bout it from my frens...haven watch the preview dunno whether it really scary likes "Red Shoes" or not...
Movie expected --> 31/2 star

Starring -- Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Fan Bing Bing, Chen Po-lin, Boyz.
Type -- Comedy
Release date -- 22 December 2005


A Journey West tells a little-known tale about the Tang Monk, Tripitaka (Nicholas Tse), before he embarks on his ardous journey to bring the sacred sutras from the west, and achieves deification after successfully negotiating Eight-One Tasks to prove his faith and resolve. As we see him for the first time, the Tang Monk is leading his three disciples into the city of Shache. No one would know that it is here that the boyishly innocent Tripitaka will meet his greatest challenge.

**Credits -- GSC Online**

This is the movie that i have waited for so long...why?? Because almost all my fav actor and actress are in this Nic, Charlene, Chen Po Lin and Boyz!!! I saw the preview in cinema already...i find tis movie quiet funny!!! Really want to watch!!!
Movie expected --> 5 star

Starring -- Cecilia Cheung, Leo Ku, Yuen Qiu, Yuen Wah
Type -- Comedy & Action
Release Date - 29 January 2006
Phoebe (Cecilia Cheung) is the daughter of two Kung Fu masters (Yuen Qiu & Yuen Wah) and started learning martial arts from the Kung Fu Academy on top of the Cloud Mountain since a teenager. Phoebe's parents are divorced and Phoebe soon graduates to be a Kung Fu expert herself but she has to keep her martial arts skills a secret. Phoebe falls in love with Dragon (Leo Ku) at her work place, but Dragon is suspicious of Phoebe's Kung Fu skills. One day, Phoebe meets White Eyebrows, a traitor of the Kung Fu Academy that she vows to take on. But the only way is by learning the "True Love Kung Fu"… along with Dragon and her parents. But will the foursome be able to defeat the evil ones?
No comment...coz tis movie is show in 2006...haven seen the preview yet..juz read bout the movie synopsis....but bcoz it act by Leo juz wanna watch it!!!
Movie expected --> 4 star
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