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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Full of Activities Week!!!

Long time din write story bout me already!! Sorry..coz quiet lazy to write...but dunno why today suddenly wanna start write again...dunno where the wind suddenly blow me here to write out...maybe there are many things inside my heart...but long time did not explode yet!!!

This week...really full of activities week....however there is somethings happen as assignment until today haven start yet!!! Since monday i called the advertising agency!! But until today there is no reply...the dateline is coming soon....really scare lar...>_<; Monday early in the morning...fetch my sister to school...after that went to my old office (part time office at Ampang).....time still early...therefore went to ampark point n take a's has been a long time i never visit....
Last time i saw in magazine about the koreatown at Ampang there...therefore i take this opportunity to visit it as well....actually i'm not sure where is the place...but juz walk walk and then found it!!! Wow....really a korean street!! As i walk along the shop ...all is korean shop...even restaurant, supermarket, salon, office, shops, and internet cafe as well!!! And of coz korean ppl....almost all the ppl around there is korean ppl!!! There is really lot of korean restaurant...look delicious...must find one day n go there to eat!!! Later i went visit a korean supermarket called "Lotte"....the things there quiet cheap compare to other places that sell the same things!!!

Tuesday, today we all going to celebrate our class rep, Ivan birthday!!! Although it is over...but we still celebrate for him.....(*actually some of us have made a mistake...coz they thought Ivan bday is on 8th Nov..but actually is on 3rd Nov*) Anyway everyone is happy as well!!! ^o^ Our webpage design lecture...dunno what wrong wit me n my fren, P.Ling....he likes so much to ask us read the text!! Always me and her kena!! It's already the third times!!!>o<

*Celebrating Ivan b'day!! All girls with Ivan!!!*

Ugh!! My tooth pain so much!!! This is the words i kept repeated..since my tooth began pain!!! Today make me no mood!!! Today early in the morning we all went to Century Club to play sports!! Early 8.30 am wait Ah fu come to fetch us....later 9 am arrive at the club and start to play!!! Everyone went to play tennis and squash!! Left only me and phei ling went to play badminton!!! Poor from 9.30 until 11.00am!! Wow...very tired...dunno why today two of us like no energy to play....later 11.30am...two of us went to sonar room!! secret inside that room since nobody is there!!! ^o^!! Until 12.00pm..we take bath and of coz prepare to eat!!!

* Juz finish bath!!*

Juz getting the assignment title today as well!! Wah...create a is my favourite...First i thought...the title we decide ourself...coz i been thinking the title i want to do during holiday!! But now the title is "create a travel website"...omg...i seldom travel since there is no much money for me to travel!! Now very pening kepala thinking of the nice place...what places i can do?? Any comment anyone??

Today, thursday...actually there is no class!! But why still need to go back to school!!! Today juz went back to school...coz the liverpool ppl is coming over here and explaining bout studying overseas at LJM!! Wow...counting from now..still got half year..we all will went overseas...Liverpool neh!! Really excited!! group..beh, sun and me went to National Library to find some infor for our there quiet funny as well....after fail looking for the information we want...three of us juz sitting at the end corner and chatting...while chatting we find some books which the title is "Malaysia"..."Travel Around Malaysia"..."Pahang Tourism"....haha...^o^...really suit our webpage design title last get some idea bout what to do!! Maybe do bout island or waterfall now... went shopping with my frens!!! Morning, 10.30am...wait my frens at Cosway...went to eat breakfast!! Me, Ling and shy lin eat "Lor Mee"...really nice...three of us share a bowl of Lor mee...later aorund 11am..we all went to do eyebrown!! At around 12pm..went to low yat...coz my frens wanna buy something!! At around 1.00pm...we went to Times Square to join another three frens, bee teng, sun and beh!! Coz we wanna watch movie today!! We watch Koma 2 ...coz that tix is half price!! The movie not bad...quiet nice and scary sumore!!! Nice to watch!! After watch movie...we went to Sg Wang to eat at Madam Wong!! Quiet nice the food there....^o^ Thanks my frens all accompany me!!

......[[*e.L.i.C.e*]].........[[*LiFe ShoULd Be BeauTifuL, 美しい人*]]......