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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New style!!

Check it why is the fashion outside now!!! From korean, Japan, HK, Taiwan, US, etc...

-- Korean earing --

Nice earing....but the price sure more "nice".....(I luv the above one...third from n blue crystal..)
Wondering where this earing from? Here is it...from "Full House"...^o^ my fav drama!!!

-- US Limited Converse shoe --

*Look like McD shoe!! ^o^*

-- JaPan Special Nail --

*Halloween theme*

*Wow....i luv the rainbow colour one!!!*

*Kawaii theme*

*Really kawaii nE!!!*

-- JaPan kawaii rinG!! --

*Wow...super luv it!!*

-- HK DIY Necklace --

*This kind if necklace got sell in M'sia..can get it at Sg.Wang, 6th Floor...aso handmake!!*

-- HK...Badesta --

-- Other..from Japan, Taiwan..China --

*Limited Edition Playboy guitar!! Cool!!!*


*Kawaii ne!!!!* Where can buy??