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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mooncake festival!!

Today is mooncake festival....hah...but din celebrate....tomolow is last day for exam!! 36 hours to go...oh..time...i'm waiting for u!!!
Nothing special mooncake to eat...(>_<;)...only eat book cc notes of coz will be wit me today...the whole day!! ^o^...But really miss my tiramisu mooncakes lar....phei ling...i really wan to eat after saw that mooncakes in 1 utama last wednesday!! But very unlucky..all sold out oledi!!
Here..i introduce the tiramisu mooncake from Bakery intro by my fren..Ling..she say this brand tiramisu mooncake very nice wan!!!

2-layer combination of aromatic coffee paste with cheesy mung bean paste. 100% Hunan’s pure halved lotus seeds. Made of refined vegetable oil. Smooth texture,the coffee skin is based on new recipe and baked to golden brown colour.