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Thursday, August 25, 2005



More and more delicious mooncakes are coming....more and more special taste of mooncakes available!! Here we go....

Bird Nest Mooncakes....

*Red bird nest*

*Coconut bird nest* ~I wan eat this!!~

*Mango bird nest*

*Almond bird nest*

Snowy Mooncakes...


*Red bean Green Tea*

*Sesame mung bean*

*Rose red bean*

*Special ~ Cheese snowy mooncakes*

*Coffee Almond*

* Red bean green tea*

*Peanut mung bean*

*Strawberry Snowy Mooncakes*

*Sesame snowy mooncakes*

*Mango snowy mooncakes*

*Fluid yolk mooncakes*

*Malaysia favourite~ Durian snowy mooncakes*

*Blueberry cheese*

*Chocolate snowy mooncakes*