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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Love Letter....

Another fantastic movie...truly touching story...a simple and pure love story the same director of "Crying Out Love, In the center of the world"....tis is aso a nice love story...and the only part make me cry is the ending....u will feel shock after u watch the ending...First, when u watch it, u will feel confusing about the story watch until the end of the disc 1 only start understand what it talk about...


Starring :
Miho Nakayama as Fujii Itsuki & Hiroko
Takashi Kashiwabara as Fujii Itsuki

The show starts with Hiroko lying in the snow, thinking about her fiance, Fujii Itsuki, who had died three years ago. He had fallen off a cliff while snow-trekking a mountain with some friends. It is now his death anniversary.

Back at his house, Hiroko finds his high school yearbook in his bedroom, which has been untouched since his fatal accident. She manages to find a home address under the name 'Fujii Itsuki'. However, his mother says that their old house has been demolished and being in its place now, is a highway. Despite so, Hiroko decides to write Fujii a letter directed to that address as she misses him too much.

A few days later, Hiroko is surprised to receive a return letter. It turns out that the address which she has found, belongs to a girl who bears the same name - Fujii Itsuki. *(Actually in this movie, is talking about a guy and a gal who has the same name - Fujii Itsuki) At first, Itsuki (girl-Fujii) is baffled by Bozi's letter. But later, she seems to recollect some of her old memories and realises the Fujii whom Hiroko has been talking about, is her three-year classmate from high school. From then on, the two girls start to write letters to each other, sharing their memories on Fujii (the guy). Fujii (the gal) is unaware that Fujii (the guy) is already dead.

At the same time, actually Hiroko and Fujii (the gal) has the same look. (Until the end, u will understand what it means and maybe answering why Fujii (the guy) marriage Hiroko.)
The most touching part is....the ending...
One fine day, the group of librarians pay a surprise visit to Itsuki's house and hands her a book. It is the book which Fujii(the guy) had told her to return for him years ago. Under the girls' urging, she opens the book and takes out the book loaning card. She turns it over and gasps.
On it, is a picture sketch of her, done by Fujii(the guy)...

*the back of the library card...*
It turns out that while they were together in high school, Fujii (the guy) had been in love with Fujii (the gal) all along. Though Fujii (the guy) had looked at the same loaning card many years ago, she never did turn it over and thus, never did find that picture sketch of her. At the same time, Fujii (the gal) realise that many of the library card is wrote her name even the book is borrow by Fujii (the guy) becoz both of them has the same name. It is because, last time all the book borrow from Fujii (the guy) is the book that never borrow by anyone. She thought that he likes to write his name in the card since nobody is borrow those book.
**The title of the book is: "Ale Recherché De Temps Perds" (Remembering the times when you were young)

*My fav part...he likes to stand at the window there reading books...but actually he is looking at the girl, Fujii.*
*Fujii Itsuki(secondary school)*
*Fujii Itsuki - the guy (secondary school)*

*Hiroko shout to the mountain where Fujii died*
*Ogenki des ka~*
*Love Letter*

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