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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm BAcK!!!

AnnYOng HaseyO!!! I'm Back.....
Very tired this few days....after three day working in KLCC Convention Centre for PIKOM PC Fair 2005....i work under Sony...part time promoters...selling microvault!! a new Cool thumbdrive from Sony!!

*My exhibitor pass and Sony Microvault*
Omg...really a lot of people....even cannot walk...friday is still ok...but sat and sunday....really cannot tahan....even i want to go toilet aso difficult to walk...really lot of leg very pain....coz stand for one day....and very tired as well....but at least get some fun at there too...many funny things happen...and even meet some old frens that lost contact and of coz meet some new frens as well...Thanks for my classmate come to visit n kacau me....haha!!!
This year PC Fair was held in KLCC...and very big as well the hall...all together got five hall...Hall 1 is the most beautiful hall as all main booth is there....but it really too big this time the PC Fair...i heard many peoples say too tired to walk all the hall...coz really too big n crowded!! and hot as well....However the KLCC Convention really very beautiful and look gorgeous with all glasses...and the first day i went there...really really nice and big...even very difficult to find the entrance...

*Front door of KLCC Convention Centre*

*Exit - Hall 5 * Full of peoples...
*Ballroom....the most beautiful hall*
* Samsung Booth....most *cutest* uniform from samsung...shock!!!*
*Sony Booth....COOL!!! *
*Wow...i like this....Amber Chia poster with signature at Ftec booth !! Cool...*
~The upcoming PC Fair III is on December (Around 2-4 Dec)...~

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