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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Favourite Drama...


A drama that i feel worth of really a good drama for me....therefore would like to share wtih all my frens..hope you all enjoy it too!!
Remember.. aza aza fighting!!

Pul Hawooseu aka Full House

Han Ji-eun: Song Hae Gyo
Lee Young-jae : Bi (Rain)
Kang Hye-won : Han Eun Jung
Yoo Min-hyuk: Kim Sung Soo

Han Ji Eun is an internet novelist living alone in Full House, which her father had built, after her parents’ death in a car accident. Lee Young Jae is a top actor. He appears aloof and arrogant, but concealed within is a man who is hopelessly in love with his childhood friend Kang Hye Won, a fashion designer who is also YJ’s stylist. He does not have the courage to admit his feelings to Hye Won as he knows her heart is pining for Yoo Min Hyuk, a mutual childhood friend of YJ and HW.

JE is swindled of her Full House by her 2 bosom friends. The house is in turn sold to YJ. Both are stuck in an unresolved situation. At the same time, YJ is plagued by rumors about his relationships, which have damaged his image. In a pitch to salvage his reputation, YJ strikes a deal with JE. They have a “contractual” marriage, both agreeing to divorce in 6 months' time. JE will repay for the house by working as a housemaid for YJ and YJ will return JE her house when the contract is completed.

Despite their initial dislike for each other, JE and YJ learn to live together under the same roof. But the situation gets complicated when JE finds herself falling for YJ. When she sees YJ chasing for HW’s unrequited love, she finds it difficult to continue with the contract. Meanwhile, MH, who becomes JE’s publisher, finds himself falling for the wife of his childhood friend.

My Favourite:-
1) The part when Ji Eun birthday, Young Jae went to the playground to find her. However Ji Eun is not there, while Young Jae later become so poor because chased by his really funny when saw Young Jae have to hide inside the toilet..
2) Both of them like to quarel but actually both of them are care for each others as well...
3) I really like the part where Ji Eun tell Yougn Jae that she will protected Young Jae and ask Young Jae to protected Hye-won because she love Young Jae and know that Young Jae love Hye-won...
4) Young Jae sing the children song and dance in front of Ji Eun when Ji Eun unhappy...Rain really cute in this movie ^o^..

This is reeally a good movie....The happy times and the sad times! The laughter and the tears!... Aza aza fighting~!

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