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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My 21st BirThday!!

Birthday celebration!! my 21 years old....How do i celebrate?? Who am i celebrate with??
20th May 2005....

First of all... a million thanks to all my frens...who celebrate my birthday with's really precious and unforgetable birthday for me!! Thanks!!! On 20th May, i received sms from my frens..n the first sms is from CK! Thanks Beh...and the last sms i receive is from Ah Chun....but thanks aso..and also thanks to everyone who wish me also!! Really feel happy that day..coz everyone come and celebrate my birthday with me....on friday nite...i celebrate my birthday with my collegue & my frens as 8.30pm...i go out..hehe..and KC..u cheating me so many times..really not giv face ar even my birthday...^o^...anyway very happy to see u and kelvin..coz long time din c u all...then meet wit Mirai, Sim, Yan & aso Leo....we all went to Kaki Corner....andsit there until around 11pm...if i not wrong..**...really feel like long time din go out yum cha wit u guys...actually is my birthday...i should belanja u all eat...anyway forget it!! and KC...i still remember i owned u a cup of teh and roti telur rite?? haha...then we all went to Bukit Jalil...but brother din follow....then we dismiss at around the way thanks to u all...and thanks aso for the present....i like it so much especially the big puppy!!! Really very cute!!

21st May 2005....

Today i went Genting..wit my frens..Mirai, Yean, Yee Mee, and Teng Yan....we arrive at Genting at around 2pm....The place we going to stay is quite far from Genting...which is Amber Court....really funny when we arrive there....At night,we all went to watch Jolin concert!!! It really a super cool and nice concert...the second part of this concert is the most nice..coz allis fast song...and very happy to c Xiao Zhu..^o^...i still remember yee mee and me waiting for the our favourtie song which is Dao Dai...we thought that Jolin is not singing that song...coz until the end of the concert she aso din sang it...and then until the encore part only she sang it..anyway very happy to heard that song!!! Thanks to Pek Khee and Mirai for the tix..i really happy and suprise when both of u say u pay me the concert tix and the room a big present for me!!! Te-dan-hi Kam-sa-ham-ni-da!!! At nite, we all went to Starbuck...wah..this another suprise for me...because when i arrive there...i saw Pek Khee, Wei Keong and Ah Sim!! Three of this person suddenly appear in front of me with a birthday cake....really suprise because they all say din come to genting at first..especially Wei Keong and Pek Khee...Pek Khee u even call me and send me a msg in frenster say u got work on cannot make it....but very happy to c u!!! Thanks to u all...n thanks to Wei Keong and Teng Yan for the cake....**n wei keong si fu..u noe...i really believe when u say the words is made by u...hehe!! n u very badlah....tipu me again...put 30 candles there n i only realise after i blow the candles!!!!!

Note:- My favourite cake...Tiramisu...

And a billion thanks to my genting frens...i noe u all very with Jolin concert..but still celebrate my birthday with me...even stay with us at Amber Court..until the next morning.....Thanks to u all...especially Ah Chun...i heard Beh said u play Mahjong every nite in order to win money to buy the present for me...very "kam tong"...u r the morst tired and sleepy among all of them...but u still can play mahjong the whole nite with us!!! Anyway thanks for the watch..i really like it so much!! That nite very happy and i will never forget...Thanks to u all!! ^o^

Note:-Gift from Ah Chun and genting a Bum Watch!!!
Note:- Gift from Leo...Tks....very kawaii!!!

Note:- At Starbuck with Michelle and Sim..
Note:- Outside theme park..wit Pei Sun group of frens...

Note:- Things i buy from Genting...look at the purple things...nice of my favourite among this three!!!

Note:- Jolin concert poster, tix and pass...thanks to Chun for the pass and poster!!!

Note:- Berry's Chocolate..thanks to Chun and Ivan!!

P/S: More photo under ~ My AlBum~(Link)

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