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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


~Initial D The Movie...
Annyong haseyo..introducing the hottest movie for 2005...Intial-D The Movie...

Movie basics~
International Title: Initial D
Chinese Title: Tou Wen Zi D
Directed by: Andrew Lau
Jay Chou - Takumi Fujiwara
Edison Chen - Ryosuke Takahashi
Anthony Wong - Bunta Fujiwara
Shawn Yue - Takeshi Nakazato
Jordan Chan - Sudou Kyouichi
Chapman To - Itsuki Takeuchi
Anne Suzuki - Natsuki Mogi
Kenny Bee- Tachibana Yuuichi
**The movie language is Cantonese...(Jay speak cantonese!! ^o^)

Release Dates~
Premiere in Beijing ONLY: June 19, 2005Asia wide premiere: Conflicting news reports of either June 23rd or 27thPreview: During the week of April 10, 2005 they will be airing a 2 minute preview on television (in Asia)
Note: Many articles state the "Asia wide" release for July 1. We are assuming this includes Singapore, Malaysia, etc..

**Jay will be writing the theme song for this movie**

Visit the official site for general information~ +Official Site+

Note:- Initial D Preview

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